Some information is already available in the “Welcome article”.

Supplementing to this I’d like to add that the the necessary timeframe needed for such an undertaking is a consequence of the financial crises 2007-2010. As a consequence of the crises my professional career has been influenced quite drastically offering new chances and possibilities. One of the opportunities is the chance to realize this project.

The element water was more or less ignored by myself for a long period – at least from a sportive viewpoint. About 15 years ago I had first contact with whitewater and the fascination of this element is still present. Beside kayaking all activities based on two wheelers – starting from going inline skating, cycling with the mountain bike and road cycle and even riding a tandem – is a fascinating field of activity.

All these activities are based on enjoying motion and activity in a natural environment. In today’s central european cultivated landscape unspoilt regions are quite rare, therefore Scandinavia and of course Alaska are areas which are dream destinations for me.