Meanwhile I’ve got some feedback from Optimus about the Nova stove and from Condor about the claim of my kayak’s transport damage. The responses couldn’t be more different.

Optimus, which announced a recall procedure in September this year reacted promptly to my inquiry. I already described the circumstances of my problems in one of my previous posts. The exchange procedure was well described on the Optimus homepage. Only the fuel hose had to be returned to Optimus/Katadyn Switzerland. The postage charges were not refunded. This would have been the “cherry on the cake” in terms of customer satisfaction. But anyway, I received a new pump, fuel hose and spare parts within a week. To my opinion the recall was handled satisfying. One can only hope that the stove will work now without any problems.

Slightly different the response from Condor. The first letter which I received arrived end of october. It confirmed the receipt of my letter and the information that it will be forwarded to the responsible special department. Four weeks later I received the final answer . They regret for the inconvenience caused but can’t take over any responsibility for the local airport operating company. The next sentence referred to a baggage insurance. The feedback is – by all understanding of their statement that they have little influence to the baggage transportation – disappointing. It looks like Condor is not interested to work on customer satisfaction.

Obviously it is difficult to find somebody who takes responsibility. A common phenomena in today’s time. At least and as an airline promoting their expertise to transport sports equipment, it would be an idea to make the customer aware of this and to e.g. offer an optional baggage insurance which is tailored to this kind of goods. At least a company as Condor would be in a position to negotiate reasonable conditions with an insurance company. But no indication that they take responsibility or think about any improvement for the future. Instead a standard letter with some set phrases.

As a consequence it’s easy to understand that I will carefully evaluate future air carriers for my travel. As more as Condor has cancelled the second baggage item as free transportation good this summer. Now you’ve to pay an extra charge for a second item, any sporting equipment comes on top.

Such it is just a side note what Condor posts on the internet: “As holiday airline with destinations as Maldive Islands for diving, numerous paces for golfing or for example a cycling tour on the Yukon river, our goal is to make the journey for our passengers as comfortable as possible” (unfortunately only in german). Who ever stood on a Yukon river bank knows what I mean ;-). In this case the Condor slogan “born to fly” would be really helpful.