It’s already November and autumn is on his way to say slowly goodby, although the temperatures in Freiburg are quite moderate around 60 ºF (15ºCelsius). The situation looks a bit different in the Yukon Territory and Alaska. Temperatures there are around the freezing point (32ºF or 0ºC) in Whitehorse. In Emmonak they are even lower with Fairbanks as coldest place. For the upcoming weekend temperatures of 5ºF (-15ºC) are forecasted for the night in Fairbanks.

But the autumn time allows me now to review the photos slowly. While doing this I got aware that the galleries are providing pictures up to Galena only. The last stage to the Bering sea is still missing. The two and a half weeks from Galena to Emmonak were mainly defined by unfavorable weather, although it was not so bad looking back. Maybe this my impression is due to the subject that I had at least some hours or even days of nice weather after periods of heavy rain. Going down to the Bering sea I personally expected even worse weather.

From Galena onwards I paddled four days with Ray, Dan and his boys. They had to leave in Kaltag to catch the flight home, since Dan had to go back to work and the boys were expected in their school. I continued by myself for the remaining four hundred and something miles to the Bering sea. But I was lucky to meet Axel, Dieter, Jörg and Hartmut. However the wind picked up quite strong after Pitkas Point such we were forced to stop for a layover. After days of inactivity we were able to continue. From now on the weather and conditions became really unfriendly. Thus we were happy arriving finally in Emmonak on August, 12th.

The photos are split in two galleries. The first gallery shows photos of the stage from Galena to Anvik, where I was half the way with my american friends and half way by myself. The second gallery shows the pictures from Anvik to Emmonak. This was the part where I was traveling with my german friends. And now enjoy…