Already in a comment to one of the blogs I gave a feedback how amazing the visit of Denali National Park was. Now it’s time to provide some more details about this excursion.

On my way from Anchorage to Denali National Park I stopped in Talkeetna and took rest in the Talkeetna Roadhouse. A historic and cozy log house built in early 1900 with a restaurant and a bakery. The following morning started with pretty bad weather: cold and rain. Therefore I decided to stay another day at this roadhouse. Talkeetna is the starting point for all the mountaineers heading looking to climb the Mt McKinley. That’s one of the reasons why a ranger station is located in Talkeetna. The rangers support the mountaineers and approve the permits. Such there’s enough interesting things to see and read.

Denali Nationalpark

The weather report showed only one good day within a time period of a week. I booked a ticked for a ride into the park for this date and was – lucky! The weather forecast was absolutely right. Sun and blue sky were the conditions on my ride to Kantishna, the end of the road in Denali. Already the next day rain was back again :-).

Kantishna, a old abandoned gold mining city is the final destination of the Denali road. Last time I visited Denali I only rode until Wonder Lake. This time I was interested to see also the last stretch of the road. Although the final stretch to Kantishna is still worth to see I would recommend to drive until Eielson Center or Wonder Lake at most.

Wonder Lake

The gained time could be used for a hike around Eielson or Wonder lake instead of sitting on the bus. This gives you an opportunity to walk up a hill and enjoy an even more spectacular panorama views.

The nice weather not necessarily means that you can see Mt McKinley. This mountain is known to generate it’s own weather. Less than half of the visitors to the park have the chance to see Mt McKinley at all. We were really lucky since we could see this beautiful mountain almost the whole day without any clouds – an event which happens quite rarely as the bus driver confirmed.

Mt McKinley

The opportunity to watch wildlife is one of the main motivations for people to hop onto the bumpy bus rides. And I was not disappointed about the wildlife scenery I could see. The so called Big Five: Dall sheep, rain dear, moose, wolf and bears could be observed. Most of them from a distance but dall sheep and wolves were really closely to observe. On top the opportunity to see red tail foxes, several ground squirrels and birds made the trip a real pleasure.


Bear saw with cubs


Dall Sheep