“Welcome to an island”, that’s how Erin greeted me as she picked me up from the airport. At first I thought it was a joke. But Erin explained me while driving to her home, that a few days earlier floods and mudslides blocked all roads to Whitehorse. This was caused by a combination of relatively warm temperatures resulting snowmelt and heavy rain.

As a consequence that supermarkets have a shortage particularly on dairy products and meat Empty shelves and shortages are meanwhile standard.

At home Erin and Len discussed when the road will be reopened. Erin took the optimistic role and tipped on Tuesday. Len believed it will be on Thursday earliest.

When we went shopping on Monday, we could convince us of the empty shelves. Back home Len reported that he has seen some Hercules aircrafts landing – most likely transporting food. Tuesday came the news that they constructed a single lane gravel pioneer road and the first trucks are coming through ☺. So we’re back in game with full food supply.