Auf den Spuren der Goldsucher durch Alaska

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Unsettled weather was typical for the stage from the Yukon Crossing Bridge to Galena. At the beginning it was still quite nice, sunny and dry but the wind picked up heavily several times thus forcing us to stop an get ashore. As a result the negative record in terms of the fewest miles per day […]

Today, after some time, you can find a new gallery of the stage from Circle to Yukon Crossing Bridge. Or with different words: The flats. Many rumors are told about this stage but also some valuable information is available. The Yukon river starts to split up in several smaller arms already before Circle and keeps […]

New Gallery Dawson-Circle

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Please find some new pictures from the stage Dawson to Cirlce in the gallery. I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s really strange to review the pictures where I was just a few weeks ago. Actually so many things happened that I hardly can comprehend all of those. Beside that I’m still on the road and […]

Bering Sea


Dear all, after I’ve finally arrived in Emmonak, I will try to add a few blog articles within the next days describing the past key stages.

It’s Done!!!


We received a Spot message this morning at 7:05 CEST with the coordinates of Emmonak. Finnaly it’s done. After weeks and months into the wildernes of Alaska he reached his target. Gratulation!! Now we’re all waiting to hear the lates news from him.

Piktas Point


Today I passed the 100-miles-border and the arrival in Emmoniak comes within reach. Currently I’m in Piktas Point because I passed St. Marys. St. Marys serves as the regional hub for flights and services in the Yukon Delta. Many people finish their trip there to avoid the last hard miles on Yukon river.

The last sections..


The Yukoneer left Kaltag some days ago where he lost the companionship of the Zvirbulis. But as the new SPOT messages show us he started to paddle the last sections alone. The Yukoneer is currently good on schedule, but nevertheless the wind and weather are getting worse. Therefore the last sections of this tour are […]



Everything OK


We received a new SPOT-Message this Morning. Everything is OK again. Additionally Yukoneer managed to make some more miles. It seems that we have to wait some more days to get to know the real rootcause.

Problems …?


Today we received a “I have a problem” SPOT message. Due to the fact that we only get his current possition with every SPOT message, and a predefined text message that something is wrong, we do not have any more details. It seems that the weather conditions are not to bad currently. So we only […]

Yukon Flats

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From Dawson to Circle


The section between Dawson and Circle is in terms of landscape one of my favourites. Especially the part between Eagle and Circle crossing Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve is really beautiful. There are some old cabins where it’s allowed to stay over night. The two days from Dawson to Eagle were fine. As you propably realized […]

Riddle No. 3


It’s time for a new riddle. One of the Last Bastions of Civilization visited by Yukoneer some days ago is Dawson. There you can find a very well-known bar that serves a really special cocktail. It’s on you to select the alcohol used for this cocktail but they put something very unusual in the cocktail. […]

All good

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Dawson to Circle


The next stage is on the agenda. The stretch from Dawson to Circle is estimated with roughly 400km (250miles). The current is still swift and supports the paddling. On the other side wind can play an important factor. The water can get rough when the wind picks up. Since the river is wider now this […]

Fort Selkirk

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My first full day stop on the Yukon river, which was not a full developed village or town is at Fort Selkirk. Once abandoned it is now a beautiful restored settlement. It’s really picturesque and worth to have a rest or to spent a day here.



In my article “Carmacks” I mentioned some fish waste. Meanwhile I made a picture of these. And I heard by the way that those are not fish waste but some kind of underwater plants of alga. This at least was the explanation of Christian and Markus, who I met floating on their self constructed raft […]

Carmacks to Dawson


Meanwhile I arrived safely in Dawson City. Just arrived I’m already asking myself weather I should stay a while or continue as fast as possible. At least I’ll stay for the next two days. Tomorrow is Canada Day, an event which I will definitely join.

The Yukon River Quest


Today starts the famous Yukon River Quest. At 460 miles the Yukon River Quest is the longest canoe and kayak marathon in the world. Except for two mandatory rest stops competitors race non-stop down the mighty Yukon River all the way from Whitehorse to Dawson.  Only the strongest and some might say the most foolhardy […]