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New Gallery Dawson-Circle

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Please find some new pictures from the stage Dawson to Cirlce in the gallery. I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s really strange to review the pictures where I was just a few weeks ago. Actually so many things happened that I hardly can comprehend all of those. Beside that I’m still on the road and […]

From Dawson to Circle


The section between Dawson and Circle is in terms of landscape one of my favourites. Especially the part between Eagle and Circle crossing Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve is really beautiful. There are some old cabins where it’s allowed to stay over night. The two days from Dawson to Eagle were fine. As you propably realized […]

Dawson to Circle


The next stage is on the agenda. The stretch from Dawson to Circle is estimated with roughly 400km (250miles). The current is still swift and supports the paddling. On the other side wind can play an important factor. The water can get rough when the wind picks up. Since the river is wider now this […]